What if you could significantly change and improve your life, simply by spending more time reading the Word of God? 

Deme In the Mirror is about getting back to basics:  the heart and foundation of our beliefs that goes neglected by more and more Christians every day – the Bible! 

Looking into the real mirror of God’s Word to see ourselves and life clearly; embracing His Word and utilizing it the way God intended, AND enjoying better lives in the process!

The Word

Suggested Reading:

Throughout the history of Christianity, the people of God have believed in the sovereignty of God. However, there has been and remains to be disagreement as to the extent of that sovereignty.  “All Things According To God” sets forth the truth that God’s sovereignty is absolute over all Creation, literally, in every way. In addition, it demonstrates that our understanding of God impacts the rest of our theology. It is a call to all who belong to Christ to understand God’s revelation of Himself in His word, the Bible.

The purpose and goal then, is to know God and all things, according to God.  Click the image above to order your copy today!


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